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Where do I begin ? 

The Canadian Association for Play Therapy requires that certifying therapists obtain Play Therapy Training in three domains of Play Therapy Practice: Theory and Approaches in PT (60 hours), Techniques in PT(60 hours) and PT with Special Populations (60 hours). MPTI recommends that you engage in the Introduction to Play Therapy workshop to ascertain if this program meets your needs. This is a face to face training offered in Pictou County , Nova Scotia. Subsequent workshops will be offered Face to Face and for each level.  Two Web based workshops are permitted for certification. Pictou is approximately two hours from Sidney, Halifax, Moncton and Charlottetown... kind of the centre of the Maritimes! Except for our Newfoundland friends who would need to fly in or take the ferry to NS.

What do I need to engage in Web based workshops ?

First of all- each workshop may have some specific tools that you will be required to use throughout the day. You will be provided with a  list upon registration. Every Web based workshop requires participants to have a quiet place to learn with a computer/laptop/ web camera and noise cancelling headphones. Workshops may be recorded by MPTC . You also need access to reliable internet but you are welcome to attend from the comfort of your own home or office.

Why are all workshops not offered FACE to FACE (F2F)?

MPTC was established to meet the needs of Maritime clinicians who could not afford to take time off work and travel to other Canadian locations to engage in Play Therapy certification training. We also acknowledge that travel throughout the Maritimes can be costly.  We have identified other workshops that you can engage in from the comfort of your own home or office. These workshops are also live (online)  so participation in the form of discussion, presentation also occurs in these. In our face to face workshops we will engage in experiential learning so we are integrating theory, skills (personal and professional development). 


How long will it take to complete my training?

Given the centre is new - we will be offering workshops over a three year period. However, in year two we will begin a new three year cohort so participants will be able to make up missed workshops as new cohorts begin their training. This means by year three we will have three cohorts running simultaneously. All workshops (Face to Face and Web Based delivery) will be offered on Saturdays and Sundays to facilitate travel so clinicians do not have to take time off of their paid employment.

Are there other costs to take this training?

You will be required to travel to the Pictou, Nova Scotia areas for Face to Face trainings. There are many hotels and B&B's in the area. Clinicians will also be required to purchase a text for each training level. Additional articles relevant to course content will be provided by workshops trainers. Participants will also add to their Play Therapy tool kit at their own discretion. An assignment that aligns with certification requirements is due within 90 days of each level completion. Assignments submitted after this time will need to pay an additional marking fee.

Where is Pictou?

The Town of Pictou, centrally located on the Northumberland Shore, is an ideal location to start a small or medium-size business, raise a family and enjoy a quality of life second to none. Pictou offers numerous amenities including restaurants, accommodations, a traditional mainstreet as well as banks, hospital, park areas, walking trails, historic waterfront, museums and recreational facilities.

Whether you prefer period homes on tree-lined streets, modern residential properties with ample land or well-planned neighbourhoods there is a 'home' to fit your lifestyle. Residents enjoy a stable, prosperous economy and a true sense of being home (Town of Pictou, September 20, 2018).



How much does this training cost?

MPTC is aware that many employers have limited to no training budget for their clinicians. This  training is therefore, offered at a reduced rate for Maritime residents. This is intentional in order to grow Play Therapy in the Maritimes.

The entire Level is $1750 per level for Maritimers. 

Non Maritimes can register at the fee of $1,900 but should be prepared to complete their training with Maritime Play Therapy if they are seeking certification. Level 1 and 2 is available online for 2020/2021 however, Level III will be face to face 1 Saturday a month unless there is interest to complete LEVEL III by end of 2021. 

What if I want to pay on a workshop by workshop basis?

You can register and pay for workshops as they are offered and you are interested. F2F workshops can be purchased for $190 per day plus HST per workshop.

 Clinicians who register for the cohort will benefit from a cohort price. Lastly, there may be clinicians from across Canada that engage in this training but do not benefit from the Maritime pricing. They can contact for pricing information. 

Can I pay monthly for this training?

Yes if you register in a Cohort you will sign a yearly contract agreeing to pay a monthly payment for workshops for the calendar . 


If a new clinician registers for training and identifies that they heard about MPTC  from you a current MPTC clinician - then you are eligible for a free Supervision session with Director: Theresa Fraser who is an  approved Play Therapy Supervisor certified through the Canadian Association for Play Therapy and Nova Scotia College of Counselling Therapists. 

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